Anxiety and Panic

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If you are anxious more often than not, and panicky about what you imagine could happen?  You’re not the only one. A high level of work demand, the stress of just managing your daily life, or navigating relationships adds a layer of anxiety to the lives of many people. In fact, anxiety is the number one type of mental health problem, experienced by nearly 40 million people each year.

Anxiety-Emotional Stress

But knowing that doesn’t stop you from having that unsettled, scary feeling in the pit of your stomach.

Maybe, for you, anxiety shows up as profound nervousness whenever you are faced with a new challenge. Or perhaps your anxiety is related to the worry that you won’t get your needs met, no matter how you ask or how hard you try.

Many times anxiety is rooted in perceiving yourself to be at risk, and not knowing if you can create the safety and security you need. The more anxious you feel, the more uncertain you get, and the more mistakes you make.

When anxiety is especially high it can manifest as panic attacks. Or insomnia. Struggling with anxiety or stress is a hard way to live.

It doesn’t have be this way

At Waves of Change, you can get the powerful combination of Counseling, Hypnosis, and Technology Assisted Relaxation Training to help you achieve lasting reduction in anxiety.

Counseling using CBT principles for anxiety and panic will help you:

  • Recognize thoughts that promote anxiety
  • Develop self-talk that counters unwarranted fears
  • Accurately assess situations
  • Stop the internal danger-meter from getting triggered
  • Keep your thoughts focused in the present moment
  • Resist racing ahead into the unknowable future with worry
  • Regain your sense of trust in your abilities

Hypnosis for anxiety and panic gives you the skills to:

  • See yourself expertly and comfortably handling problems
  • Cognitively simulate feeling calm and relaxed in all situations
  • Turn worry into curiosity
  • Feel rising anxiety in the body
  • Quickly engage anxiety-taming techniques
  • Bring yourself back from a building panic attack

But, my Anxiety is different…

If you’ve tried counseling for anxiety before, and didn’t have the success you wanted, you might be concerned that your anxiety is somehow different or that you won’t be able to change.

That’s a common worry. I assure you that anxiety is very treatable.

The Waves of Change approach to anxiety reduction is a proven combination of successful therapies, but one that not every therapist provides.  We employ cognitive behavioral principles, with a mindfulness-based awareness of yourself and your surroundings, along with hypnosis and relaxation training, .

I take anti-anxiety medicine, why do I need therapy?

That’s a good question. No one wants to spend time or money trying approaches that costs more than it should or doesn’t ultimately fix the problem. As a licensed professional counselor and hypnotherapist, I cannot prescribe medication. My focus is on helping you uncover the root causes of your anxiety rather than merely managing the symptoms with drugs. I have advanced training and certifications in stress management, which includes anxiety relief.

It’s important to understand that much of what causes anxiety has to do with how we think about what we encounter or worry about. And how we think is in large part a product of what we are taught to believe, fear, and expect. Medication can’t change what you were taught.

While medication might help numb your nerves, knock you out for a night’s sleep, and tame the impatience and irritability that masks chronic worry, it doesn’t get to the root of the thought process. That’s where counseling is uniquely suited to reduce and even end anxiety.

So if you are struggling with anxiety or panic attacks, and what you have been trying to do about it isn’t working, isn’t it time to try something else?

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