Stress Management Workshop

No stress - stress relief symbolEver feel your stress is unmanageable and controlling you?  Do you have high blood pressure, find yourself eating mindlessly, over indulging in alcohol, or having sleepless nights because of stress?

Stress is a state of mental tension, with worry and anxiety caused by problems in your life, work, etc..  Some prime examples are having a boss who expects too much from you and or criticizes you, your family keeps you too busy with driving kids to events and after-school activities, and your spouse expects you to have more time to spend with him or her.  All of this can lead to stress.

In this weekly program (7 one hour classes) you will learn 6 techniques for stress management and reduction, including the implications and prevention of stress in everyday life.  The full program includes:

  • Stress management2 MP3 Hypnosis sessions designed to reduce or eliminate everyday stress
  • Learn Self-Hypnosis techniques for stress reduction and management
  • 7 techniques in Mindfulness you can do on your own
  • 2 Meditation MP3’s called “Reducing Stress and Feeling Relaxed and Total Relaxation”
  • 3 Deep breathing exercises you can do anywhere anytime
  • Information about foods that reduce stressful emotions
  • Handouts, flyers, and PowerPoint slides all designed to help you understand and manage your stress better and even reduce or eliminate unwanted stress altogether


This Workshop is perfect for total beginners, or a wonderful review for more seasoned, practitioners with a time honored mindfulness meditation practice.  Together we will explore the many tools of mindfulness including sitting meditation, deep breathing, and applications to typical everyday life. We will draw upon current behavioral psychology for assistance in breaking mindfulness meditation down into 4 skill sets that you can utilize anytime throughout your day.


  • Ann Marie Sochia has been working with clients to reduce and effectively manage their stress for over 14 years, utilizing advanced hypnotherapy training in stress management. She is also a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPCA), and intuitive listener.
  • Guest Leaders for some sessions.

Sessions (# and duration)

This workshop consists of seven (7) one hour sessions.  Sessions will be held on consecutive weeks, unless a holiday intervenes.

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Fee and Registration

The fee for all 7 sessions of this class is $350.00.  Payment can conveniently be made with credit or debit card using PayPal, or off-line with cash, check, or credit/debit card. The first time you register for a class a Username and Passwords will automatically be created and sent to the email address you supply on the Registration Form. In the future, you will use that Username and Password to log in.


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