Quit Smoking

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Girl refusing a cigaretteHaving trouble kicking the smoking habit?

  • Tried patches and gum, and still craving tobacco?
  • All the research suggests that smoking is highly addictive, and one of the hardest habits to break.
  • Did you know that smoking cessation Hypnosis has a proven record of success?

No doubt you have heard how bad tobacco smoking is for your health. You already know it causes cancer, heart disease, strokes, and promotes cataracts. You might know it weakens bones and makes you more susceptible to fractures. Never mind how it permeates your hair, clothing, and skin.

You want to stop, and goodness knows you’ve tried.

But so far, the methods you’ve used haven’t worked very well.

It’s Time for an Integrated Approach to Quitting

If you are a smoker and don’t want to be, smoking cessation Hypnosis combined with NLP techniques, mindfulness-based stress reduction, and a CBT approach to what you tell yourself could be the solution you need.

At Waves of Change I offer that unique combination of methods to help you succeed.

But even with the poor medical outlook for the health risks that smoking creates, not everyone is motivated to quit. Maybe you have convinced yourself that you enjoy it, or that it calms your nerves, and helps you deal with stress.

Maybe there’s a part of you that believes you’ll feel deprived if you give up smoking – and you’re reluctant to add one more thing to all you’ve already gone without.

Yet, it’s expensive, and there are much cheaper, healthier, and more permanent ways to deal with stress, anxiety, anger, and depression.

You might be pleasantly surprised how good it feels to be a non-smoker.

How Smoking Cessation Hypnosis Works

With Hypnosis, you too can be like the man in the photo – saying “NO” to the temptation.

No Smoking. Young Man Refusing Cigarette Isolated On WhiteSimply put, Hypnosis helps you change the automatic tapes that are playing in your subconscious mind about what you want and need on a moment to moment basis. It is those tapes that urge you to take certain actions that are logically in opposition to your best interests.

  • So one of the things you’ll do during smoking cessation hypnosis is to access these internal contradictions and unhealthy beliefs, and replace them with different messages.
  • These new messages will gently change how you feel about smoking. In an easy and natural way, you will simply cease your emotional attachments to being a smoker.
  • As your body starts losing the craving for nicotine, you’ll notice that you don’t like the taste, or smell, and you might not even remember ever really liking it.
  • Soon you’ll find that it feels good when your lungs can take a deep breath. You’ll like being free from the smoking habit.

During Hypnosis you will be in a very relaxed state. You’ll be able to hear noises from outside the room, but you’ll have no need to pay attention to them. I’ll ask you to close your eyes, let your muscles relax, get really comfortable, and just focus on my voice. I’ll guide you through some specific suggestions and help you gain the cooperation of your subconscious mind.

As part of the smoking cessation work, I may teach you how to do a little self-hypnosis at home between sessions, to hasten your success. And if you’d like, an interactive computer program for technology supported relaxation training will be available to you.

If you are ready to quit smoking for good, Contact us today to schedule a free 20 minute consultation.

Just call! There’s nothing to lose but a bad habit.