Weight Management

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Is managing your weight a constant battle?

Do you regain more than you lose from dieting?

Tired of incessant exercise and scale-watching?

If you’ve been in that yo-yo dieting cycle, you probably already know the calorie or carb count of everything you put in your mouth. And maybe you know how long you have to sweat at the gym to work off lunch.

What you don’t know is why it doesn’t seem to work for long. You want lasting change, but diets and exercise just aren’t producing that for you.

Hypnosis for weight management at Waves of Change is the solution you are looking for.

You see, losing pounds and keeping them off starts in your subconscious mind, not on your fork or in your running shoes. Success comes from really listening to your body, and providing what it needs – not what your emotions, or cravings, or habits want.

Your Emotions Drive Your Cravings

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Maybe you’ve noticed that your weight gain and weight loss depend on your emotions. Like many of us, maybe you try to handle stress with comfort food. Or maybe you eat a lot of sugary and starchy foods when you feel anxious, then have no appetite at all when you feel depressed.

Or, perhaps in your family achievements were celebrated with a big feast or special dessert. It could be that doing well and feeling good about yourself is rewarded with giving yourself an edible treat.

Perhaps you got the message as a child that cleaning your plate was a display of love for your mother.

Diets can set you up to feel disloyal, deprived, resentful, and irritable. Losing a half a pound a week doesn’t look like progress to you. And how unfair is it that a couple slices of pizza seem to make you gain 5 pounds overnight?

Clinical hypnosis helps you change those subtle internal messages you carry around that influence how your feel and you’ll do to cope with all the stress.

How Hypnosis for Weight Loss Works

Hypnosis helps you hear and act on the needs of your body, especially when combined with the NLP techniques, CBT counseling, and mindfulness-based stress reduction available at Waves of Change.

Over the years you have developed some mental / emotional / physical reflexes that influence your daily choices. Hypnosis helps you bring those to the surface of your conscious mind so they can be recognized and changed.

During your hypnosis session your mind and body are deeply relaxed. Various images and affirmations will be suggested to your subconscious mind that will help you easily and naturally made the most healthy decisions.

As an addition to hypnosis, if you’d like information about nutrition, you can participate in the Weight Management and Nutrition program at Waves of Change that will be offered soon.  Please call 919-272-6220 for information.

If your work or family life are high stress environments for you, Waves of Change offers a technology supported relaxation training program that is a perfect adjunct to your hypnosis sessions.

Imagine how good you’ll feel to have your weight under control.

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