Reducing Pain

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Are you suffering chronic pain?

Does the pain seem never to go away?indian man with shoulder pain, shoulder pain and asian man, hand

When you are worn out by seemingly endless aches and pains, every part of your life is affected. Feeling in pain puts you on edge, and increases stress, anxiety and depression.

Pain could be keeping you from getting good sleep, which adds to the problem.

Maybe you have difficulty being patient or maintaining an optimistic, pleasant attitude. You might be declining social invitations and career opportunities due to physical discomfort.

Perhaps you’ve tried some prescription pain pills, but those make you a zombie, unable to think straight or stay awake at work. And you might be a little concerned about getting hooked on those narcotics.

What if you could get relief from pain in a safe and natural way? Imagine how you’d sleep more soundly, feel better, and welcome more activity again. You can have the lasting pain reduction you want with Hypnosis.

Hypnosis works well in many cases for reducing pain and increasing restorative sleep. Combined with the NLP techniques and mindfulness-based stress reduction methods offered at Waves of Change, you can achieve significant pain reduction without the need for medication.

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What you can do about chronic pain

Man Hand Writing The Body Achieves What The Mind Believes With BUnrelenting pain can operate on the emotional level. Pain can cause a heightened state of almost desperate apprehension. You mind becomes filled with the questions:  How much worse will it get? How much longer will it last?

To the body’s stress response system, this is similar to the anticipatory fear experienced when dealing with a phobia. Your imagination paints a picture of something you want to avoid at all costs. And then your emotions and body go into a kind of hyper-alert resistance.

When you’re feeling chronic pain your physical and emotional resilience changes, making the pain, or even the fear of the pain, worse. You might know intellectually that you will survive it, but because of the pain you might believe, and cause, your body to respond otherwise.  As the illustration says, “The Body Achieves What the Mind Believes.”  In this case more and continuous pain.

BUT – You can change the messages so that the body achieves pain reduction because you have trained your mind to believe it can be so. Hypnosis combined with NLP, mindfulness-based stress reduction, and CBT counseling can help. Without medication, you can learn to train your brain to perceive less pain and the fear of the pain. As a result your mind and body relax.

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Imagine having more control over pain and fear.

At Waves of Change, you can.

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