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Ever feel that no matter how much you talk about your problems, gain insights, or apply new logic, you just aren’t making the progress you want?  If so, then it’s time to try clinical hypnosis.

What is Clinical Hypnosis?

Clinical Hypnosis is a powerful and personal tool of change with limitless possibilities. It has been used for more than 200 years by clinical practitioners around the world for patients desiring specific changes in emotions and behavior, and as medical anesthesia for pain control.

A safe and natural state of heightened awareness, Hypnosis helps you access a specific level of brain wave activity that allows the conscious mind to relax, while your receptive, subconscious mind remains alert and open to accepting suggestions.

Hypnosis is a relaxing, easy, and effective way to retrain your brain by replacing habitual, unhelpful thoughts and beliefs with new ones that will better serve you.

What is Clinical Hypnosis Good For?

Several academic journals devoted to the results of research on Hypnosis, published in the US, Europe, and Australia, demonstrate the vast application of its effectiveness in mental and medical health care. In my practice, clinical Hypnosis is the use of the relaxed mind process to help you:

  • DepressionQuit smoking
  • Manage weight
  • Gain motivation to exercise
  • End anxiety and panic
  • Stop procrastinating
  • Feel more confident
  • Forgive past hurts
  • Concentrate longer
  • Pain reduction
  • Stress management
  • Insomnia
  • And much more

Call for your free consultation to find out more about how Hypnosis could help you regain control over your life.

How Does Clinical Hypnosis Work?

Hypnosis itself is a non-invasive way to relax the conscious mind to free it up to make important changes. The hypnotic process bypasses the faulty logic of your fearful inner critic. In this way, your subconscious mind can easily and gently accept suggestions for changes in your difficult feelings, negative attitudes, and unwanted habits.

At Waves of Change, I use the time tested, proven techniques pioneered by renowned clinicians such as Carl Jung and Milton Erickson that rely on my voice, and your ability to relax.

No high tech equipment is needed for clinical hypnosis to work. However, I do also offer an interactive computer assisted program for clients who want to increase their capacity for relaxation and performance enhancement. Read more about that here.

What Kind of Suggestions for Change are Given?

Throughout a normal day, most of us are already giving ourselves suggestions about what is possible – and usually they are framed in a negative way, such as I’ll never get this right, I can’t understand, I’m not good enough, I hate exercise, I’m a smoker, I’m destined to be overweight, and so on.

It’s these continual, automatic, unconscious messages that make it so hard to change a habit, try something new, improve self-esteem, and sustain motivation.

Positive thinking African-American businessman. Relaxation and mTogether, we will devise some directed messages  to assist you in reaching your goals. Hypnotic suggestions reinforce the goal-directed messages to help you achieve your specific intentions. Don’t worry – you can’t be made to do anything against your will, or something that is in conflict with your ethics.

What Do Clients Experience During Hypnosis?

When you come to your first hypnosis session, we will start with discussing the problems you are experiencing. I’ll explain how Hypnosis can help, and together we will make a customized plan to help you achieve your goals.

Then, while sitting in a comfortable recliner chair with your eyes closed, you will be taken through relaxation instructions to help your mind and body receive your first set of hypnotic suggestions. To further enhance the process and speed the results, you will be taught how to replicate these instructions and suggestions on your own at home as a self-hypnosis technique.

At the end of our appointment, you might feel a bit groggy, as if waking from a pleasant nap or coming out of a massage. I’ll offer you some water and ask you to be fully alert before driving. I will email you an audio recording of your Hypnosis session for you to use on your own. A series of follow up appointments may be recommended for certain stubborn issues to ensure lasting change.

Can Everyone Be Hypnotized?

Everyone who has the ability to relax mind and body can be hypnotized for therapeutic purposes. In fact, you already experience a natural state of Hypnosis called hypnogogia – that pleasant few moments between being fully and deeply asleep, and completely, mentally alert. Daydreaming, losing yourself in the compelling story of a movie or a book, “zoning out” without actually being asleep are all forms of natural hypnogogia that everyone is familiar with.

What the hypnosis process does is create that natural state on purpose, and extend its length so that it becomes a fertile time for changing undesirable mental messages.

What if I Fall Asleep or Can’t Come Out of the Hypnotic State?

Even if you fall asleep during a clinical hypnosis session, a part of your subconscious mind is still active and able to receive the suggestions for change. And one of those suggestions will likely be to begin waking up, easily and naturally, just enough to be responsive while remaining relaxed and comfortable.

Just as you wake up every day, or come out of a daydream or storytelling fantasy, everyone comes out of a hypnotic state. There is always a part of yourself that is aware that it is time to return to your normal level of alertness and productivity. It is not possible to get stuck in a hypnotic state.

How Many Times Will I Have to Be Hypnotized?

That depends on what we are working to change. Everyone is unique in their internal process for accepting hypnotic suggestions and implementing them in daily life. Some people achieve the change they want in as little as two sessions. Others have many sessions because they succeed with one goal and continue working on others.

You and I will discuss and evaluate your progress at each session, and tailor your course of treatment with hypnosis accordingly. With the self-hypnosis instructions you’ll be given and the audio recordings of your sessions, progress can be quite rapid.

At Waves of Change, your initial hypnosis consultation is free.

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