Not always smooth sailing


Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT)     Mindfulness     Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)     Hypnosis

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Life is not always smooth sailing.  Sometimes there are enormous waves and rocky shores.  At Waves of Change, we are dedicated to helping you find a way to smooth out the journey.  We use established, effective counseling methods for helping you, including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Neural Linguistic Programing (NLP), and Mindfulness, often in combination with Hypnotherapy.


Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) is effective for a variety of conditions, including depression, anxiety, and stress management. CBT is problem focused and considered a “talk therapy”, involving exploring the relationships between a person’s thoughts and feelings and their behaviors.  The therapy comes in when the individual accepts the thoughts that may be causing problems and finds ways, with the counselor, to re-program the thinking and thus the behavior.


Being mindful means being in the present moment, aware of all your senses, while focusing on one thing at a time.  In this way, you can stop the “auto-pilot” and tune in to your current reality. Mindfulness is the art of truly paying attention, on purpose, in the present and non-judgmentally, as a detached observer with an attitude of acceptance.  See the Blog Post on Mindfulness – A State of Mind.


Nuerolinguistic Programming (NLP) is an integration of neurology, psychology, linguistics, cybernetics, and systems theory, to be very technical. NLP is a method of influencing our brains behavior – “neuro” though the use of language, “linguistic” and several other forms of communication to empower a person to reprogram the way the brain responds to stimuli “programming” and develop a better and newer behavior or pattern.

NLP is is often practiced in conjunction with hypnotherapy to facilitate the development of desired change and outcome.  Some prime examples of conditions that benefit from NLP are losing weight, smoking cessation, fear of public speaking and stress management.


  • Pensive woman lying on the couch while psychologist writing and advising herHypnosis  helps you change those automatic tapes that are playing in your subconscious mind about what you want and need on a moment to moment basis.
  • Hypnosis is relaxing, calming, and similar to a meditative state.
  • Hypnosis is a safe and natural state of heightened awareness in which you allow your critical, conscious mind to relax, while your receptive, subconscious mind remains alert and open to accepting suggestions that are of benefit to you.
  • Participating in Hypnosis is a relaxing, easy, and effective way to empower yourself and “re-educate” your mind by replacing habitual, unhelpful thoughts and beliefs with new ones that will better serve you.

Prior to beginning Hypnosis, you and your Hypnosis practitioner will meet and collaborate on a customized plan to help you achieve your goals. While your practitioner initially leads the way through the process of Hypnosis, he or she will also teach you self-hypnosis so that it can become a powerful and personal tool of change with limitless possibilities. At the end of your appointment, you will be given a recording of your session that will reinforce your positive suggestions and help you practice self-hypnosis at home.

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