This section provides an introduction to counseling for common disorders such as Anxiety and Panic, Stress, and Depression.  To learn more about each topic, click the “Read More….” following that topic.

Female Psychiatrist And Troubled ManPsychotherapeutic counseling helps individuals and families with personal and lifestyle changes that make life better. Your overall sense of well-being will improve because counseling helps you:

  • Confront and work through difficult emotions
  • Learn new ways to get your needs met
  • Develop trust in your thoughts and feelings
  • Overcome anxiety, stress, depression, and more
  • Gain confidence, calm, self- esteem, and self-control

If needed, I will be happy to work with your other care providers as part of a collaborative team to design and coordinate a mental health plan that fits your unique needs and goals.

Counseling for Anxiety and Panic

  • Feeling worried, panicky, or fearful without specific reason?
  • Lacking confidence, and second-guessing yourself?
  • Trouble sleeping?  Jumpy?  Upset digestion?

If you feel like a ball of nerves during the day and can’t relax at night no matter how much reassurance you get, you could be suffering from generalized anxiety.

If you suffer from panic attacks that come on out of the blue, it can be frightening and overwhelming. You might even believe it’s a heart attack.

Counseling will help tame these feelings and fears. You’ll find out what’s causing your panic and anxiety, and gain new tools for changing your anxious thought patterns. Anxiety counseling can restore you to calm confidence, so you can be in control of your life again.

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Counseling for Stress

  • Life out of balance, with no time for fun and leisure?
  • Work or family pressures mounting with no end in sight?
  • Feeling stressed to the max, and unable to catch a break?

Stress can be good when it prompts productivity and practical problem-solving. But as a chronic condition of mind and body, it can hurt your health, your relationships, and even your job. Constant stress leads to more mistakes, frustration, impatience, irritability, and insomnia.

If you have the fast-paced, over-committed, high-demand lifestyle of the typical teen or adult, you could be at risk for stress-related illness.

Counseling for stress reduction can help you learn to identify the stressors in your life, and manage them effectively. And classes for stress management will help you deal with life without over reacting and losing your cool.

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Depressed woman talking with her therapist on white background

Therapy for Depression

  • Out of energy and sleeping too much?
  • Struggling to remember, make decisions, or get things done?
  • Lost the ability to care about what used to be important to you?

When depression takes hold, it’s like being under a heavy blanket, unable to muster up the motivation for doing anything. You might feel guilty or worthless, deeply sad or endlessly pessimistic, and think nothing can change for you.

At the same time, you could be worried that there is something really wrong with you, but feel afraid to find out what. This is common for those who are suffering with depression. But it doesn’t have to stay this way.

Therapy for depression can help you put things in perspective and end the negative self-talk you’ve been giving yourself. If you have secretly been feeling hopeless, depressed therapy will help you reclaim the positive possibilities for your future.

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