Stress Management

 Feeling stressed out?

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  • Are the pressures of daily life wearing you down?
  • Finding it hard to adapt to constant changes and demands?
  • Feeling like you’re becoming increasingly negative?

OK! So you know you’re stressed out – what will you do about it?



Ignore it, maybe it will go away – If you have been trying to stifle your stress with activities that are creating more trouble than they are worth – such as drinking, taking drugs, and other addictive processes – you are likely to find the  combination of counseling, hypnosis, and relaxation training you’ll get at Waves of Change to be more effective and without the unwanted side effects.

Try medications – Maybe you’ve asked your doctor for medication to deal with stress, but you aren’t getting the relief you thought you would. Some prescription drugs just make things worse, so I don’t often recommend medication for my clients.

Manage it on your own – Maybe you have already realized that stress that is under-managed, or managed with poor coping methods actually increases anxiety, and deepens depression.

Exercise it away – If you have been trying to cope with stress by exercise alone, and are finding this to be a band-aid approach, the combination of stress reduction methods offered at Waves of Change will make the lasting difference you want.

What you may not know about stress:

  • Stress is at the root of many relationship conflicts, on the job, at home and in social relationships.
  • Stress could be the culprit that is at the heart of threatening your marriage, or career.
  • Stress weakens the immune system and is related to 75-90% of all doctors’ visits.
  • Stress is costly, Dr. visits, medications, time off from work not only affect your pocketbook, but actually increase health risks and increase your stress level.
  • Although it seems these days that stress is a fact of life you can’t do anything about. That’s probably not true.

Couple Having Argument At HomeThe facts: There will always be demands on your time, attention, and energy. You will always run into disgruntled, difficult-to-deal-with people. Life will always throw curve balls that you have to adjust to.

The good news:  There are effective methods of stress reduction to help you meet these challenges.

Counseling can help you identify the specific stressors in your life, and understand why they get to you. Cognitive behavior therapy will help you change your thoughts and emotional responses before they add to your stress level.

Hypnosis can help you see yourself responding to stress-provoking situations and people in an effective and satisfying way so you don’t have to carry the interactions around with you. Used with a special technique called neuro linguistic programming (NLP), hypnosis can help you disconnect from automatic reactions so you can respond without feeling pressured.

Technology supported relaxation training to help you recognize the early instances of building stress, so you can immediately put into practice the techniques learned in counseling and hypnosis for reducing stress.


No stress - stress relief symbol

  • Going through the day feeling completely unruffled by people and circumstances.

  • Getting through the week or month with ease, feeling good about yourself, your job, and your relationships.

That’s what stress reduction can do for you. Isn’t it time to give it a try?

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